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Learn how to speak English like a native?

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Endeavor Learning Center

The Endeavor Learning Center offers a unique opportunity to learn English from the comfort of your own home and at the pace that fits your lifestyle. With small class sizes and expert teachers, you’ll find an unparalleled learning experience at Endeavor. Whether you’re working to develop your language skills to advance your career, continue your education abroad, or expand your network—we’re here to help.

Start your English Learning Journey Today!

At Endeavor, we offer courses that cover all aspects of English language learning from grammar and pronunciation to vocabulary and writing. If there is a particular area you are looking to work on, we also offer customized one-on-one courses tailored specifically to your needs.

Start your English learning Journey today with Endeavor Learning Center!

We train you in every single aspect of the English language, from grammar and pronunciation to vocabulary and writing, customized to the area you are weak in. You can become a proficient English speaker without the hassle of attending training centers and paying high fees.

Still Deciding?

Here are some points to consider

There are 1.5 billion English speakers in the world, that’s almost a quarter of the population!

Speaking English conversationally opens up a world of possibilities for career advancement.

Eager to study abroad? Many universities around the world offer coursework exclusively in English. Developing English language skills now will make you a more competitive applicant and set you up for success abroad.

Are you still not sure whether you want to learn English or not?

Here are some points that may help you decide:

Learning English can boost your professional career, opening up a world of opportunities not only in your local area but internationally as well.

There are 1.5 billion English speakers in the world today. What will happen if you run into one of them? English can become a way of meeting new and exciting people.

Who doesn't want to travel the world? When you get the opportunity to do so, you may wish to communicate with the various people that you come across. English can be a great tool.

Are you looking to study abroad? A considerable portion of the world offers courses only in English. Learning English can help you achieve your goals.

You can even find jobs as an English teacher yourself once you have mastered the subject. Start teaching English in your local area. Pass on what you have learned.

Learning the English language can only increase your chances of success in life, so why not do it?

Our Courses

  • 56 Days


    Course Description These courses develop participants' daily-life, academic, and professional...


  • 56 Days


    Course Description This course will help you improve the four skills tested on the TOEFL IBT...


  • 56 Days


    Course Description This course is designed to help students improve their English language skills...


  • 56 Days


    Course Description This course is designed to give students more confidence in conversing in...


  • 56 Days


    Course Description This course teaches you the essential language skills to succeed in the...


  • 56 Days


    Course Description Develop conversational English-speaking skills, reinforce your knowledge of...


The Endeavor Advantage

Small Class Size

When learning a language, there is no replacement for small group discussion. Endeavor’s courses are capped, ensuring each student has an opportunity to build a close relationship with the instructor and their peers.

Expert Teachers

Transformative teaching starts with superb instructors. All teachers at Endeavor are either ESL/ELL Certified or have graduated from Ivy League or a top-tier programs.

International Curriculum

We use the CEFR methodology to ensure that our customized curriculum is recognized internationally.

Flexible Schedule

Learning takes time. At Endeavor, we work with each learner to create custom learning opportunities that fit your schedule.


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