About Us

About us

A vast number of people struggle every day due the loss of jobs, career opportunities, and access to higher education. One common obstacle to overcoming these challenges is a lack of English language skills. While many people are eager to learn English, it is difficult to find the time and financial resources to access conventional language centers. This is where Endeavor comes in. We offer high-quality English language courses in a completely online format and at an affordable cost. 

Here at the Endeavor Learning Center, we are committed to supporting the development of West African communities. By providing access to English language training, we believe we can unlock new opportunities for West African people locally and internationally. 



Our services

The Endeavor Learning Center offers two tracks of English Language learning—one targeted at working business professionals and the other designed for general language acquisition.

General courses

This track is designed to help students improve their English language skills at a variety of different levels. Whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced, we have a course specifically tailored to your needs. 

Business English Courses

This track is designed for working professionals. Course content will be tailored around the specific vocabulary and scenarios that you would encounter in a business context.

Vision and Aims

We envision the Endeavor Learning Center as a unique environment that offers an experience unparalleled by conventional teaching centers and tutors. We aim to be the sought after destination of learners of all ages who are eager to advance their language skills. Long-term, we aim to provide free courses for students who have the desire, but not the means, to learn. 

Motivation and Passion

The motivation to found the Endeavor Learning Center stems from our clients. We are deeply inspired by the enthusiasm of students and professionals in West Africa. Our team is passionate about providing an accessible, high-quality alternative to the conventional language learning options so that our clients may realize their personal and professional goals. 


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