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Kristína Moss, Education Master (Ed.M.), Harvard University

Kristína Moss has a degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has taught English to speakers of various ages and has experience teaching business English to working professionals.

In 2015, Kristína began offering English language courses for recent immigrants as a volunteer at her local library.

This experience inspired her to pursue a Fulbright Fellowship in Mexico City, where she taught English at a small teacher training college and offered professional development for English teachers.

While in graduate school, Kristína offered one-on-one English courses for business professionals in the Cambridge, MA area. 

Hilary Leslie, master’s degree in City Planning, Harvard University, and Master in TESOL

I have a BA in English and American Literature/Psychology from Brown University, a Master in City Planning from Harvard University, and a Master in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Murray State University.

After homeschooling my three children for over 15 years, I began teaching English as a Second Language, first at the University of Kentucky’s Intensive English Program and later online. In addition, since 2012, I have worked for ETS as a TOEFL Speaking rater.

Although I have taught almost every aspect of the English language to students of all ages, from many countries, and with differing proficiency levels, my specialty is TOEFL Speaking. I have helped many of my students to achieve a Speaking score of 26 or higher, something which is required to be licensed as a pharmacist, physical therapist, or nurse in the U.S.


I have listened to literally thousands of test-takers answering hundreds of TOEFL questions. I have very strong opinions about how I think the questions should be answered, and they may be quite different from what other teachers, books, and videos teach.

I’m very confident that my advice is the best you can get, and that I can help you get a higher score. But this won’t be dull and dreary … studying for TOEFL should also be enjoyable and the most satisfying part of teaching, for me, is having fun with my students while helping them learn.

Delanie Honda, Education Master (Ed.M.), Harvard University

Delanie Honda has a BA in English Literature from Wheaton College, MA and Ed.M. in International Education Policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has six years of experience teaching English to students of all ages.

For the past three years, she has been teaching English online.

Beyond teaching, Delanie enjoys traveling, cooking, and playing the sport Ultimate Frisbee. She loves teaching online because it enables her to meet new people from around the world, share experiences and learn about different cultures.

Aniele Cooke

My name is Aniele, and I have been teaching English to students of various levels for many years in countries such as Switzerland, Chad, Mexico, East Timor, and the Marshall Islands. This has enabled me to get to know all kinds of students from different cultures, which is something I love.

I enjoy helping students to increase their confidence and ability in English, whatever their level. I also understand that every student has a unique way of learning and try to adapt my teaching accordingly.

I obtained my Master’s Degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages) from the University of Sunderland, England, and also have a BA in Education.



These qualifications have allowed me to gain experience in many different areas, teaching children, teenagers, and adults. They have shown me how to adapt well to a wide variety of teaching situations.

In my free time away from teaching, I love to travel and explore new places, cultures, people, and food.  At the moment, I am living in Vietnam, teaching online, and getting to know this wonderful country. I look forward to teaching you and helping you improve your English.


I have a BA in media and performing arts as well as an MA in advanced theatre practice. I am also a CELTA certified EFL Teacher (2004).  After teaching adults in the classroom (which I enjoyed) in the summer of 2005, I returned to office work for financial reasons.

However, I returned to TEFL last year after completing a second TEFL course online with TEFL.org.uk (as a refresher).  I am currently teaching EFL online to kids between the ages of 4-12 (since May 2019).  I’ve been enjoying this, and it’s been an excellent introduction to online teaching.  However, I did enjoy teaching adults previously and would like to include that into my teaching portfolio.

In terms of particular specialisms, Business English is an area that I feel I could offer, having worked in the corporate office world for many years before teaching.

That said, my interests are Theatre, film, and the arts in general, and I do like using communicative activities in the classroom as these enable students to have fun with the language and gain confidence that way.

I enjoy helping students to increase their confidence and ability in English, whatever their level. I also understand that every student has a unique way of learning and try to adapt my teaching accordingly.

David Wilbanks

I’ve been teaching or tutoring for around 15 years. For the last five, I’ve been teaching at the university level, but before that (and sometimes during), I did some private tutoring and worked at a language school with students of all ages and skill levels.

My strengths are definitely academic speaking and writing, and IELTS prep, though I’ve also taught business English and other types of ESP. In addition to a TEFL certification, I have a BA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing.

Different students learn best in different ways, so I make sure I am always flexible. I try to tailor my style to meet the needs of each student. I am always friendly and encouraging, but otherwise, I try to match the student’s needs, whether that means using a lot of fun and varied activities or more serious study and practice.

Lynn Marie

As a skilled ESL teacher for 15 years I bring international experience to students from all walks of life.  My involvement  working with North Korean refugees has given me the passion and desire to teach English and to connect with others.

Living abroad has conditioned me to adapt well to working efficiently with students cultural differences.  I desire is to help students  meet and improve their academic challenges. My commitment  to helping students succeed, significantly adds to my credentials, as well as the value I bring as an ESL teacher.

 My personalized approach to learning builds trust and confidence. Time after time, my students return to me. Not only have they met their language goals but they have exceeded them.

The enjoyment and anticipation of each lesson bids the students to risk and engage.  My accessibility to the students assists in substantiating their learning experience and outcome.  Support, along with the assurance of my participation, helps in tailoring and adapting my personal teaching style to each student’s unique needs.

Robyn Buchanan

In grade school, I knew I wanted to grow up and work with words. In junior high school, I read grammar textbooks for fun. In high school, I began editing; and in college, I discovered my superpower: Teaching the English language.

I’m Robyn Buchanan. My university education was in analytical philosophy with much of my coursework in psychology, languages, and rhetorical studies. I have written professionally as a journalist and technical writer as well as worked as a freelance editor, writer, and writing coach for several years.

For the last few years, I have been a writing coach with a focus on academic writing and working with students for whom English is not their first language. While this has primarily been focused on writing English, we also discuss other topics related to speaking and understanding English.

I am also a teacher for a daycare where I create developmentally appropriate content for our students. I take annual continuing education credits, which help me better understand everyone I interact with and how to help them process various ideas respectfully.

With a knack for teaching concepts to any age, I have over a decade of combined experience in creating themed programs, activity plans, and other content for students and writers

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